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IGNODO is our primal wisdom that moves us into action. It is not a place of comfort, but of a building of strength, perseverance, and Will. The will to survive by taking part as a Creator towards an ideal place of living with the natural order. Being of service for all of life to flourish and have an opportunity to evolve. The literal translation of IGNODO is I, as an evolving wisdom, know, and do accordingly. Our greatest spiritual virtue is to pass down a flourishing planet for the next generations. 

US at Amaru Mayu Biosphere are working with this organic, universal, inclusive intelligence that is reflected as our primary forrest in the Amazon jungle. Primary meaning it is in an original state, untampered by human ignorance, but inhanced by human intelligence. We are here to preserve this Biosphere and enhance it in such a way that the life within it can live in complete harmony. As all of life deserves the opportunity to evolve on this planet. Using our gifts, as a domant specie. 

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